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The Typhoon Storm Pest Pack is the ideal combination for the Professional Pest Control Operator, the 15 litre Typhoon represents unbeatable power and performance for all types of external Pest Control treatments while the Storm offers the same power and performance as the Typhoon but in a smaller 10 litre tank for better maneuverability in tighter spaces with the option to switch to the MircroBurst nozzles to avoid run off on cornices and other vertical surfaces.    


The Flow-Zone Typhoon G3 Variable Pressure 5-Position Battery Backpack Sprayer 15 litre unit is equipped with an industry-leading five-setting variable pressure control dial.  The TYPHOON G3 is a powerful tool capable of spraying up to 10 metres and pressures up to 115 psi with a battery life of up to three hours from a single charge. 


The FlowZone Storm MicroBurst  All Purpose 18V/5.2Ah Battery Backpack Sprayer packs the benefits of the other high pressure models into a smaller, 10 Litre tank. This specialized unit features stainless steel gun components, plus a unique recirculating diaphragm pump that allows operators to utilise the MiccroBurst nozzles for inside use to minimise run off  a great function that has been missing in other spayers on the market. Included are all the nozzles you need to tackle a variety of pest and sanitation projects, including 40-, 100-, and 120-micron misting nozzles.

FlowZone Typhoon + Storm MicroBurst Pest Pack (SAVE $60)

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$995.00Sale Price
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    • 15 Litre spray tank Volume
    • Rechargeable 18V/5.2Ah Li-Ion battery
    • Pressure range of 8 psi up to 115 psi
    • Trolley adaptable
    • Pressure washer style spray gun with quick-connect attachments
    • 2 Meter black UV-resistant hose
    • 10 Metre spray distance
    • Up to 3 hour spray time
    • 1.5 Hour Charge Time 
    • 12 Month Manufacturers warranty